Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends ForeverUNBREAKABLE

This story is about hurt, anger, trust and love. Kiera is the leading lady and has had more hurt in her life then she can take. She relies heavily on her cousin Scotty. He is her rock making sure she gets by day to day feeling safe. Scotty tries to encourage Kiera to enjoy life again but she still feels guilt over her past. Is she forever broken?

Liam hot male, MMA fighter who buries himself in fighting and meaningless sex. He has a painful past. Can he continue living like this way? He makes a lot of money using his anger in his fights. He is driven by the terrible events in his life. Is he forever broken?

Kiera and Liam meet through Scotty. It’s awkward at first as Kiera is not comfortable around strangers, especially guys. She notices Liam is hot.
Liam is drawn to the mysterious shy girl who hides most of the time in baggy tops. Eventually though slow, they build a friendship but Liam wants more, but he has to gain her trust.

Kiera begins to trust Liam and they embark on a relationship but it isn’t simple by any means as they are both haunted by their pasts and Liam harbours a secret from Kiera that ultimately could tear them apart.
There is angst and tears between the pair and surprisingly enough, although Liam is a fighter, he is sensitive at times. There are sex scenes as they embark on a relationship and they do develop strong feelings for each other.

This is a series which doesn’t finish on a cliff-hanger as such but you are left wondering where the story will take you next. The author deals with a delicate issue that affects many people sensitively. I, for one, hope Kiera and Liam manage to get past their issues and get the happiness they deserve as the series progresses.

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