Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

As a lover of dark reads, I couldn’t wait to read Trust. It’s a crude, harsh read and what anyone who likes this kind of genre would expect when they one-click. However, it is advisable to read the blurb beforehand as it covers extremely delicate subjects such as abduction, rape, torture and slavery. But what I liked about this story were the really tender moments between the two protagonists. Even though the circumstances they’re both in are more than dire, and the things our hero, yes, I do say our hero because he’ll become yours, has to do, won’t stop you from connecting to these two lovely characters, She is the perfect heroine, and I really hope that he will be her knight in shining armour because these guys or going to have to go through thick and thin before she accepts the person he really is.

Gwen is happy. She has loving parents, a good-looking boyfriend she’s not one hundred percent sure of, she loves high school and participating as a cheerleader. Life couldn’t be more hunky-dory for this carefree young lady with no worries in the world. However, one seemingly insignificant decision will change her very existence forever. There will be moments when she’s on the verge of breaking down, there will be moments so stressful for the reader that you’ll have to come up for breath, moments of utter sadness, and moments of elation.

Lance is absoeffinglutely gorgeous! To say he’s sexy would be an understatement. Goodness me, he’s amazing! This man has a huge problem with a capital P though! Whether he can solve it remains to be seen in a fast moving story full of angst, hatred and a good dose of vengeance.

The ringleader for want of a better word, is influential, deceiving and despicable. Who is this man that has no heart and treats his subordinates and his own son in such a way that you’d take pleasure in strangling him with your own hands? Nevertheless, he trusts the wrong person and the only way you’re going to find out what happens is by reading the book!

The storyline is a well organised one. All the characters are so vividly described that you’re either going to love them or loath them. The sex scenes are explicitly described and I must say that the author is an expert because she really did have me glued to the book! A big plus in this dark standalone novel with a difference is without a doubt, the HEA! The only tinsy-winsy issue I had with this book was the punctuation. This book is marvellous and if it had been edited correctly, you would have made one reader ecstatically happy! Notwithstanding, I enjoyed it immensely and wouldn’t think twice about reading more by this author. Bravo Ms. Tower!


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