Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Even though Tamed is the third book in Tangled series, there is absolutely no reason why it couldn’t be considered as a standalone. The author has taken a lot of trouble to help the reader pick up the thread of events which is a feat in itself. I, for one, wasn’t the slightest bit confused as this is well-explained from the first chapter onwards. I was also delighted by her style of writing— incredibly refreshing and it will without a doubt, have you laughing out loud! It certainly did me.

It didn’t take me long to realise that it was going to be a hard job to review without letting on either, so I’ve decided to skim the storyline which is fast moving in this unputdownable book, and concentrated more on how this romantic love story-cum comedy with a difference was written and told in first person from Matthew’s POV.

Matthew Fisher and his buddies, Drew and Alexandra Evans, and Steven Reinhart are lifelong friends. Their lives are entwined in such a way that everything they do directly or indirectly, has a repercussion of sorts on the others. Theirs is a relationship for better or worse regardless, and totally endearing for the reader. When Matthew, this abso-frinkin’-lutely gorgeous player is introduced to Dolores (Dee Warren) by Kate Brooks, his colleague in the family business and in a relationship with whom you may ask? Sorry! Not going to spill the beans; hotter than hot sparks fly between two protagonists that appear to be on the same planet! Are they? Well, all the right signals and innuendos are there for these two independent professionals but Dee has trust issues with a capital T. So the big question is; will they do their damnedest to make it work because their friends don’t seem to think so. Not only is the banter hilariously absorbing, but true colours will be shown, soft sides will be revealed, comprehension will be put to the test, and as always in this series, protectiveness will reign.

Apart from Matthew being the Alpha male you’d wish to bump into in the middle of a dark night, and how on earth the author has been able to describe to perfection the way both Drew and Matthew think, react and sum up the female peculiarities from their point of view is beyond sublime! It doesn’t offend simply because a few truths aren’t too far away from home. In this story, there isn’t just one man that will enthral you, oh no, there’s two or maybe even three! The author has put herself in the shoes of her male characters so naturally that it’s uncanny! The sex scenes are vividly described and made me wish—oh, definitely wish…

I must confess that I had a few personal issues with the star rating of this extremely well-written book? Why? Well, it certainly wasn’t because of the faultless grammar, exceptional vocabulary or the marvellous dialogue. It was simply because I couldn’t fathom out some of the American personalities and quotes she’d mentioned and had to Google them! Please excuse this English lass’s ignorance! But after reflecting on this, I realised that English authors and even reviewers when comparing, do exactly the same thing. I’m absolutely sure that our lingo, sayings and personalities also confuse the American reader.

I just loved this book and I am so looking forward to reading the fourth book in this series which is due to be published in October. Bravo Ms Chase. You certainly made me laugh, cry and swear out loud in one session!!!

This ARC was gifted to KFF via Net GALLEY for an honest review.


decimation of mae 2


FIVE STARS  (I’d give it more if possible!)

Reviewed by Traci Hyland for Kindle Friends Forever

I am going to start by saying that I am not a fan of dark reads. I don’t read them, and if something is said to be dark and I’ve read it, chances are it still had a happy ending as I’m a HEA girl so for me it’s not dark. However, D H Sidebottom is one of my all-time favourite authors and I read anything she writes. (Even if she wrote the directions to how to cook turtle soup, I’d read it.) So there was no way I was going to walk away from this and honestly, I was scared … Reading this subject matter scared the crap out of me because it’s so NOT what I read… That being said, I put on my big girl panties and went for it, and I’m so glad I did. This is absolutely in my top three best books I’ve ever read.

This book has not only ripped me apart, but my heart is also beating on the living room floor somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it later! You get a type of violence that I find difficult to read about, but you also get a love that you didn’t expect. I screamed, I cried, I threw my kindle… My heart raced, my tears flowed. Anyone who knows me and my style of reviewing/reading knows I usually hate the female lead. They almost always suck but that doesn’t mean I hate the books, it just means I always lean toward the male character in almost every book. This was not the case here. Mae is strong, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, and oh so very broken. You can’t not love her and cry with her, as well as for her. She doesn’t need your sympathy, she needs your understanding and empathy whether she realizes it or not. She needs to be loved.

Mae’s had a difficult life of loss, but one she’s accepted and simply lived until she meets Daniel whom she considers the Devil. Mae is kidnapped and thrown into a dark world of slave training. She doesn’t know her ultimate destiny is to be a slave. She thinks she has been kidnapped for the sole benefit of Daniel, the devil. Mae is determined to never stop fighting or willingly submit. The events that ensue are nothing like I have ever read before. Mae is now merchandise, a slave, property, a whore, and now… stock.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that some of the twist and turns had me on the edge of my seat, and some, shocked the living hell out of me. Nothing was as I expected or anticipated it to be. When I was introduced to Daniel, I loved him, and then I hated him so so much and then… it all turns for me and I love him again! I never expected the ending and was shocked to hell. Nevertheless, I have to say it was an amazing ending which came full circle for these two and for me. I adored Daniel all the more in the epilogue. I don’t know how to express how much this book blew me away, how something I never expected to like, marked me and gave me the biggest book hangover. I am having trouble focusing on other books because it keeps popping up in my head. I felt Mae’s pain, and not just her physical pain, but emotional as well. And heaven knows she carried a lot on her plate, including things she didn’t even know she was carrying.

This book is beautifully written and the grammar and spelling are perfect.
I would recommend this book 100 times over. This book has changed my mind when it comes to dark reads. This author has given me so much in the book world, my fantasy world if you will, and hands down, I’d rather read her books 100 times over than ever turn on my television.