Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever.tagcov4

The last chapter in book 3 had me sitting on the edge of the chair. Not only were Stella and Gabe left aghast when they discovered just how far Arnie, Gabe’s villainous father, was prepared to carry out what he had been warning them all along, but I was also left itching to find out how they were going to get out of what appeared to be an impossible situation.

Book 4 is without a doubt, a masterpiece! In the other books, the author had really concentrated on the some scorching sex scenes. Gabe was teaching Stella the ropes of the Alphabet Game he’d ingeniously invented and she was more than game to learn. Albeit the other novellas in this series were undoubtedly well-written, full of humour and have a solid plot, number four is little jewel and a splendid finale to their story.

The continuation of the plot thickens at a heart-palpitating rate and I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough. Without letting on, I will say that Stella’s step-father isn’t the man I thought he was at all, and if he’d done things in the past, there was a very good reason why. The author describes all her characters’ personalities to perfection and Gabe’s father will have you hating him even more than you did in the other books. This obsessive man is so vengeful, it’s sickening! I liked Ronnie, Stella’s best friend from the beginning of this story and now I love her to bits. There’s a scene in Stella’s flat that had me in fits of laughter! I could never imagine my best friend saying, “This establishment sucks big, hairy balls.” But since they’re as thick as thieves, all Ronnie’s ribbing is taken in good faith. Even though witty cracks abound, a spanner is thrown into the works with serious issues like blackmail, abuse and murder. Which I might add, have been intricately woven into the plot. Stella and Gabe have a huge misunderstanding too and boy oh boy, does she make him pay for it! I felt quite sorry for the poor man. However, when he comes to terms with the news Stella wanted to tell him her way and without any interference from an undesirable, he’s over the moon. Yes, Gabe! He’s considerate, gorgeous and adores Stella. Mind you, the feeling is mutual and it’s easy to connect with them.

These two absolutely lovely protagonists have less sex, aw! No worries though. Their explicitly described bedroom antics is a plus which will make you sooo appreciative! It certainly did me. I’m absolutely sure the author didn’t want to distract the reader from the real nitty-gritty storyline and there wasn’t a moment when I thought anything was lacking. And of course we mustn’t forget the banter between them. In a nutshell, brilliant. I could carry on writing about the coffee shop where they meet up, their surrounding and trips back and forth between London and New York but I’m not going to. I’d really like you to read this series because it’s extremely entertaining.

A few words to Ms. Long. Thank you for writing such a fabulous ending. It was beyond my expectations. Bravo!