FIVE BILLION STARS  or in Goodreads language; 5 stars!

Reviewed by Traci Hyland for Kindle Friends Forever


Sex, drums, and denial; three things that Ryker Jeffries excels at. Ryker buries himself in music and insignificant women, all part of his plan to keep the woman who owns his heart free from his tainted past and his darkest secret. But pretending not to want her has never been easy.

Loyalty, honesty, and desire for Ryker; three things that Faith Bishop excels at. Excited about her future, Faith looks forward to finally living life on her terms. Intelligent and realistic, she knows the women who steal Ryker’s attention are all of the things she will never be. But wanting him has never been a choice. Will he be able to resist her, or will he finally cave to his desires? Will she be able to handle his past, or will it shatter her?

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Ryker, Ryker, Ryker!! Where do I begin… I generously received this ARC for an honest Review…I can honestly say, Faith my love, I want your man !!!

This book was amazing. I’m not going to give you the low down on the book because I really don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’m going right into my nitty gritty. I LOVED THIS BOOK. Faith and Ryker are exceptional lead characters. We have angst, we have betrayal, we have tears and we have smiles …. We absolutely have the bitch of the book (Whispers “Paige”) and we have moms from heaven and moms from hell.

DO YOU LOVE ROCKERS ???? yes I do …. And I’m quite partial to drummers …. Bang me baby all night long. Ryker is gorgeous, sexy, and oh so broken, but he’s smart and is absolutely in love and like any blockhead man, will eventually figure that out. I felt this man from minute one. The drummer thing attracted me and the man kept me interested. Faith, is a beautiful strong girl who turns into a beautiful strong woman and I adore her. She isn’t your typical whiny lead female and for that I’m just head over heels.

I’m very impressed with the music references.  Absolutely my kinda music and I love that. I wasn’t forced to read/hear/read some rap crap that I cant stand. Classic music … I adore that.
The side characters are exceptional. Max and Tyf… Awesome beasties… I absolutely adore them. Paige is a great lead bitch and Tori, perfect hoochie but not really a bitch She’s tolerable as a human being. The band is awesome and I love the guys !!!

Ok, the Author…. Where do I begin, she’s a very talented woman, funny as hell, sweet, nice and a little bit of pervy, I adore her. Her writing is phenomenal, her heart is huge and she pours everything into her leading men and women and she doesn’t even realize, into her side characters too (not gonna mention his name but it starts with a “b”). I’m proud to be chosen to read her books before they go public but I’m even more proud to have been given the opportunity to know her as a person, and though its through social media, one day I’m hoping to go all fan-girl on her ass in person ! RUN JOANNE RUN !

The Grammar and spelling are good and the story is fan-freakin-tastic. I would absolutely positively recommend this book, in fact, I’ll buy you a copy if you ask me with pretty please and a cherry on top … don’t forget the hot fudge !! (I’ll buy 1 not 100) get ya own Ryker!

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