4.5  STARS

Reviewed by Tracey Lou Parker for Kindle Friends Forever

If you enjoy a sweet love story, this is without a doubt the one for you. The story revolves around two main characters. Kelsey Conner, daughter of a congressman and his society wife who care more about their social standing in society and what people think of them than they do about their own daughter, and Riley. An absolutely gorgeous fly-boy who will love her like no other. The story begins when Kelsey is about to walk up the aisle to a man she neither likes nor loves. “What is she doing this for?” you may ask. Well, simply to please her mother and father. Her maid of honour and best friend, Jennifer, doesn’t want her to marry Todd who she fondly refers to as the douche bag and no holds were barred regarding her feeling about this match! Kelsey manages to walk up the aisle and come face to face with Todd. Before she even takes her vows, she realises that she can never marry this man. Result! A jilted groom! Now disowned by her parents, she and Jennifer move to a new town to start afresh where she’s happily employed at the local diner. What happens next is a good old fashioned courtship. Romantic dates and one doozy of a date in a Black Hawk helicopter. Shhhh don’t tell his superiors! That moment that everyone dreads is meeting the parents of one’s partner. In this case, the author has really done well in putting across the angst and trepidation Kelsey feels when the big moment arrives. She’s obviously concerned that they won’t like her. But the loving family atmosphere they share together and a totally strange concept, needn’t have worried her in the slightest because they welcome Kelsey with open arms. Then just as things seem to be hunky dory, the unimaginable happens! She decides to give Riley some breathing space, so what do you think will happen to this lovely couple when they both go off the rails? Will true love prevail? This story is beautifully written and covers aspects of military life that only a military family would know and understand. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t find this interesting. On the contrary, as I felt these details were important for the story. Sending a loved one on deployment is very emotional and I think Tiffany covered this with a lot of care. Thank you for a most enjoyable read and looking forward to reading more of your books.

EVELYN (Fallen Angel series #3) by TRACIE PODGER



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

This is one of those books that’s been slipped into a series and I can honestly say that if you’ve decided to read this book before reading the Fallen Angel series, it won’t spoil the flow of this beautifully written trilogy. Thus, you’ll have more of an understanding as to why Evelyn has the stance she has regarding love.

The story starts off when she’s sixteen. She’s totally infatuated with the wrong man and even though she’s been warned to stay clear of him by a person very dear to her heart, she can’t fight against her feelings. She does try to take the advice offered to her, but this gorgeous Italian bad-ass is never far away from her thoughts. Life’s circumstances make her grow up quickly. She accepts that she can’t carry on with her education as there’s a family to look after and a household to run.

Time goes by and Evelyn’s life starts to pick up. It’s only got one thing missing in it, Rocco. In spite of the fact that he’s working for Evelyn’s father and he well knows that his boss would never approve of his daughter having a relationship with anyone like him, doesn’t mean he’ll be able to control this seemingly magnetic strong pull towards her. Not only is he quite a bit older than her, he’s also been under her father’s protection for a few years. “Why?” you may ask. Well folks, I’m not letting on!

What I will tell you about is the splattering of extremely hot sex! Explicitly described and like the rest of the book, very well written. I also liked the way she has portrayed her protagonists’ feelings for each other which oscillates between happiness and desperation. What made me really, but really very sad was when they eventually find a solution to their problem! The turn of events were unexpected and had me in tears. I have read Fallen Angel #1 and #2 and loved them. The author has not let me down with Evelyn’s story either and I’m looking forward to reading Fallen Angel – Robert’s story, A Virtual Affair. I hope you don’t make me wait too long Ms Podger. Bravo!




Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever


I’m sure you’ve turned the first page of a book and haven’t been able to put it down regardless! Well, that’s what happened to me with Break The Sky. Everyone was frowned upon who interrupted me and were quickly dealt with! This is without a doubt, one of the best reads of the year and Ms. Lane is now at the top of my list. I have to confess that this is the first book I’ve read by this author and even though it’s a standalone novel, and I have since found out that this read is a continuation of sorts of the Spiral of Bliss series, it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

Archer West isn’t my book boyfriend! Oooh no, he’s my book lover! This horrendously good-looking alpha male is damaged. This man whore who’s been battling with his past for years couldn’t care less about money, the ladies that fall at his feet, and the job he’s got is a means to an end for the time being. But there’s one thing that’s bothering him. His relationship with his brother, Dean, is less than congenial and if possible, he wants to try to make amends. Dean is everything that Archer isn’t. Dean’s life has stability. Dean doesn’t trust his brother as far as he could throw him and his patience ran out long ago for reasons which will be well explained in the story. So when Archer visits him, he’s more than dubious about his brother’s intentions.

Kelsey March is a professor in the same university as her best friend and protector, Dean; and guess what? He just happens to be Archer’s brother! Thirtyish and totally in control of her life, outstandingly sexy and strong-minded with a dress sense that fits her job perfectly, is a born a fighter, storm in disguise! And boy oh boy, does she fight against all odds for her department, against a board that is constantly pressurizing her, and against all her own personal rules, too! Mind you folks, she has a little secret or two and you’re only going to find out by reading the book. I cursed this woman! Not only did she drive me round the bend, but this irresistibly irritable woman also made me laugh out loud with her lightening-speed responses. However, I couldn’t help connecting with her. In fact, I really liked her character and I completely understood that past events which will haunt her right up until the present, would mould her character!

Now down to the nitty-gritty! The two protagonists in this beautifully written novel are certainly chalk and cheese. They make an imperfect pact and abide by it!!! Oh my God! The frigging pact is the book! And oooh, the sex scenes. No more blaspheming here but quite honestly, talk about descriptive isn’t in it. One thing is for sure; I have never, ever enjoyed so much brilliant banter between two people as I did in this novel. You, Ms Lane, have written a book that I will never forget. I would really like to quote a passage or two, but I’m not going to as this is a must read and I don’t want to “let on” the tiniest detail. To say bravo doesn’t seem enough! Therefore I’m going to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to get to know how incredibly well you write. Your knowledge of certain aspects in the story is incredible and I felt like I was in class with a difference.

Flawless grammar, outstanding vocabulary and such a masterly storyline deserves more than five stars. As I can’t rate this splendid novel with more, all I can say is simply this; BRAVISIMO Ms Lane!

Break The Sky




Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! I did say you naughty lady you in my last review! Yeah, Ms Richmonde! You left be dangling, for want of a better word, on a precipice in the first book of this series, Shooting Star. In fact, I was pretty damn angry with you but in a good way because what you’d managed to do is get me counting down for the release of Falling Star!!! Now Jake and Star are back in the second book of the Beautiful Chaos series with a vengeance! What you think is going to happen to this gorgeous pair of proud and independent characters, simply doesn’t! Oooh no! Better things are to come depending on how you look at the story told from their point of view. We’re also in for the totally unexpected which had me completely floored! Yes ma’am, you’ve done it again!!!

If you haven’t read the first book in the Beautiful Chaos series, you really must because this isn’t a standalone novel. And if you have, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten Jake is directing a film and his female lead, Star, is a real tease and used to getting her own way. Thus, when Jake refuses to fall into the web she’s weaving, she throws a tantrum! The problem with them is they simply clash! Oooh, and do they clash beautifully! Jack puts his foot in it and Star can’t fathom out why he is like he is with her. He’s a man for God’s sake! In the heat of the moment, they say things that can be easily misinterpreted! Do you think she’ll be able to read between the lines eventually, or will she still think the man she is obsessed with is playing her? There are certainly a lot of trust issues here too and it makes one think that the two of them together would be downright disastrous. Or explosive! 

We get to know more about Leo’s character, Jack’s right-hand man. This gorgeous hunk of a Ukrainian whose English language defects are just adorable, is forced into a position with Star which made me more than nervous! Good sign in a book, eh? And not only did this page-turner leave me slap-bang in the middle of an astonishing climax, but also had me praying that the obvious won’t happen. I’ll have to wait to see the outcome in Shining Star, won’t I?

One word to sum up this impeccably written read Ms. Richmonde. Bravo! 



4.5  STARS

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever.

DESIRE 2Throughout this novella I was on tenterhooks! I turned the first page and from there on in I couldn’t put the book down. Do you want a hell of a storyteller? Well, Ms Johnson is exactly what you’re looking for! I hate the word wow, and I’m not going to use it. Only stronger words can be applied to this story about two completely incompatible and adorable characters that made me smile, made me laugh out loud, made me think and made me feel honoured to able to read their story by means of an ARC gifted to Kindle Friends Forever for an honest review.

Kaitlyn ran! Her running away from an abusive relation would not only protect the one’s she most loved, but also protect herself. Even though proven true, nobody believed her! As she was considered a slut in the town where she was brought up and virtually non grata, she shut any kind of relationship out of her life except for her best friend, Ara. Anybody would wish to have such an understanding friend that stands by them through thick and thin. Years pass by and Kait has no contact with her family. She has no wish to confront her demons and does what she knows how to do best. She works in one of the most elite bordellos in Seattle, likes the easy money and the protection she has there. Then a catastrophe happens and her life is turned upside down. All of a sudden, she becomes a mother figure to her young brother and adolescent sister who have had no bond with her for years. Problems there will be. Wait and see!


Detective Devon Walkerson has a job to do! Past experiences have taught him a lesson; however, he should have learnt that business cannot be mixed with pleasure by now! The question is, can he abide by the rules and regulations he must respect? This twentyish, knocking on thirty strong and super horrendously attractive man is hot! In fact, it’s difficult for me to describe him because he’s the perfect man in more ways than one! He strolls into Kait’s life and the attraction they have for each other is so frinkin’ palpable, it hurts! They are not, but not, made for each other! She pushes him away and he keeps pushing back. Will he discover the guarded secret she has? Will she give in to all her hang ups and confess?

Now down to the bottom line señores and señoras! The banter is beyond exceptional. The innuendos flow freely throughout this story and will make you laugh out loud. There was one point when I had to grab for the box of Kleenex, too! What we all like is a steamy bedroom scene. It’s there, it’s hot and even though this is a standalone novel, I’d still like to see more from where this came from. Whether or not the author will write a follow-up to this novel remains to be seen but in my honest opinion, there’s plenty more room to tell the reader how this gorgeous couple are getting on. I will ignore the few typo errors as I really enjoyed this well-written book and award it four and a half stars. Bravo Ms Johnson!




Reviewed by Claire Rose for Kindle Friends Forever


Revive is the third book in this series and I loved it. This novel made me fall in love with the Storm Boys all over again, but Nash has wormed himself back into my favourite man category! This is a story that has spicy hot sex scenes and raw emotions which will make your heart break.

Nash is a ladies man! Tall, tattooed, and a body to drool over makes him every woman’s dream and does this guy know it. While Violet has long dark hair and tattoos on her arms that have a very special significance to her, and as she is building her self-worth back up after being put down by her ex-husband, she doesn’t trust anyone.

Nash and Violet are friends and both have troubled pasts, so they’ve both built walls up to protect their hearts. All Nash wants to do is have fun and forget while all Violet is trying to do is build herself a better life. Nash and Violet’s friendship has its ups and downs. He struggles with the skeletons in his closet and Violet is getting totally confused as her feelings for him are turning into more than a friendship. But once they both realise their feelings are mutual they decide to give their relationship a go. An event takes place and pushes Nash over the edge and makes him get on his bike and flee. Violet finds Nash and is devastated when she finds him in the state he’s in.

I felt every emotion that Nash went through and wanted to wrap him up in my arms and not let go. I have given this novel a FIVE STAR rating because this book has an incredible story line with fantastic characters. But what I will say is you need to read the first two in this series first because there’s a problem with one of the Storm Boys. It’s of utmost importance and explained throughout all three books. I can’t wait for more from this author and I’m looking forward to reading Blade next.

ALIAS (Belleza #2) by J.A. HERON

ALIAS (Belleza #2) by J.A. HERON


Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

I read book 1 Belleza and was hooked so when Alias was released, I was intrigued to learn more about Trixie who made a few appearances in Belleza. This is a story of a woman that has had a lot of hurt in her life, and why she turned to escorting. Trixie is a colourful character with her flamboyant dress sense and some of the clients she is hired by are entertaining to read about. In steps in a client known as Mr Orange he is a handsome Korean wealthy man who hires Trixie on a regular basis. Wherever Trixie goes he suddenly turns up and you begin to wonder if he feels more.

I certainly think Trixie felt more for him and thought with her line of work it was impossible. This is about her strength and self discovery of what she wanted her future to be. There was sizzling hot sex between the pair and you really rooted for them to give into how they really felt about each other.

Of course it contains a lot of emotions, angst, sadness , happy scenes and some heartbreaking topics. I was not expecting some of what happened and I still hung to the hope of an HEA. The author put everything into the story of Trixie and all the sadness and heartbreak she endured. There is a delicate topic which I think is dealt with sensitively.

I certainly enjoyed Belleza series and I look forward to what’s next from Ms Heron.