THE ALPHABET GAME #3 L to R (The Alpha Series) by ANDIE M. LONG


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever.

ABC TEASER 4 ABC TEASER 2 ABC TEASERThe cliff hanger in book two left us on a precipice and dying to know what letter L would bring. Before the author gives us a taste of Stella’s out of the classroom sexapades, she and Gabe follow every possible lead they have to bring down the two most odious people in their lives.

Not only do they have every reason to follow the trail which seems to get more complicated by the minute, but neither of them were banking on an unexpected surprise waiting for them at his mother’s house. Things really start to pick up when more deceit and lies are revealed giving them more motive than ever to pursue their respective fathers.

Now for the letter L. L is for what you may ask. Leashed restraints, leather attire, or luscious sex? Well, there’s lots and lots of sex and really hot, too! Keep guessing because when you do read the book, Gabe has to “come around” before enjoying the game he concocted in book 1.

Previously, Stella had agreed to learn the ropes in one of her father’s clubs hoping to uncover well buried smokescreens. So she and Gabe trot off to The Big Apple. Why her stepfather is so interested in her working in a club where everything is permitted still has me wondering and that folks, is a good sign in a book with suspense.

They had already come to the conclusion that their relationship was more than a titillating game of letters, but when the most horrid of characters in this plot lets on something of extreme importance to Gabe, it certainly looks like their relationship will come to a quick end. We’ll have to read book #4 if we want to discover the outcome of his dilemma. I can’t tell you how much a love these two protagonists. More often than not, their down to earth dialogue had me in fits of laughter.

Even though the author’s ability to mix humour with brilliant banter between her characters is uncanny, I had a few issues with the editing of this really awesome story. However, I’m sure the author is aware of this and it will be rectified in book #4. Well done Ms. Long! You are without a doubt, a good storyteller. Bravo!

The last teaser is definitely my favourite passage!


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