FIVE STARSForever-Baby-Cover

Reviewed by Donna Elsegood for Kindle Friends Forever

Forever Baby by Ellie Wade is a début by this up and coming new author.  At first look I thought the book was another one of those coming of age female and male best friends in love kind of story. I was pleasantly surprised.

It begins with Olivia and Nolan, two American best friends. They go away to Spain for the summer on a foreign exchange programme. The two of them stay with Spanish families with college students their own age and become fast friends. One of the friends is Andres and there seems to be an instant attraction between Olivia and Andres. Olivia is a very insecure young lady and Andres has deep routed issues. Consequently, he does not do relationships and he is a bit of a player, too. These two embark on a summer romance which is very intense with some hot sex scenes.

We see how the characters come to terms with their feelings and how in turn, they deal with them. Like all summer romances, they come to an end when the visitor goes home.

The turn of events when Olivia goes home are very surprising and not what I expected. Albeit while reading through the book, I felt that some angst was on its way and I wasn’t wrong. The whole experience is very painful for Olivia but she also has to battle with her insecurities. This was one of those stories where it chopped and changed for predicting how it would end. I for one, was very happy with the end. It went how I wanted it to as I very much invested in the characters.

I’ve got to say that even though Olivia was a very insecure character, she was sweet, caring and funny. There were a couple of chapters where I shed a tear for them and it wasn’t surprising considering the fact that the fantastic writing by the author makes you believe in this story. It actually made you feel like you were right there in amongst the angst.

I will be watching Ellie Wade with interest of what’s produced next and thinking about it, I think the characters could be revisited as there could be stories for the supporting characters. The over 18 rating is because of the sexual content and moderate language. Granted it’s about young adults, but I would say the more mature reader would enjoy this book. It is very well written and Ellie certainly knows how to tell a story well.


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