onlypretend1FIVE STARS

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

The author kindly gave me the ARC for an honest review. She warned me to have an open mind. I did! This is probably one of the most erotic dark reads which didn’t shock me that much. This unusual story is absorbing from the first page and not easy to put down. I liked the fact that it’s a standalone immensely and it’s the kind of book I would take to the beach with me. It’s not too long or too short and even though it’s categorized as such, the sex scenes aren’t overwhelmingly suffocating like in many in dark reads.

I connected to Celeste straight away. Her boyfriend’s stance makes her realise that there’s much more to life than what she’s been used to. Because of circumstances, she makes a brave decision which is quite out of character. For someone so young and inexperienced, I thought her plan was a great one. Of course, things don’t work out as they should and here we have a plot that will have you biting your finger nails!

Leonide’s business is far from legit. When Celeste has a chance meeting with him in a hotel in Las Vegas, she thought her luck had changed. However, this seemly suave and debonair man has dastardly intentions for this attractive young woman. Not only would she ever be able to envisage the outcome of their rendezvous, but it would also change her very existence. Celeste doesn’t want to go back to being who she was before and even though he demands subservience, her strong character blossoms when she puts up a feisty fight throughout the story. The question is; will he concede and give her the choice she so desperately lusts after? The banter between the two protagonists is excellent, the very hot steamy moments are explicitly described and never let me down!

What amazed me about this book was the author’s capability of enthralling me with just two main characters. The secondary character does have an important part but he is mentioned more by name than in person.

Please excuse me but the one small thing that always niggles me are the Americanisms used in this type of book. Obviously this is a very personal opinion coming from a Brit but apart from that, this book is excellent. The grammar and spelling faultless, the plot original and I won’t be forgetting Leonide since he has become my new book boyfriend!  Bravo Ms. Flite!



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