BANG by E. K. Blair


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

I was thirty percent into this book when it dawned on me where the author wanted to take the reader! Should I have realised before? I don’t know! But one thing I do know is her main protagonist is a conniving and devious woman who you’re going to love to hate! These two strong sentiments rub shoulders as you delve further into a suspense-cum-love story with no limitations in one of the most unusual plots I’ve read this year. In fact, I’m still not sure if I can categorize this book! Erotica is certainly isn’t. Romance doesn’t exist, horror abounds and love, well—if you call a twisted relationship between two people that have always been there for each other, I suppose it is!

To understand how Nina aka Elizabeth’s mind works and her obsession for vengeance are the dramatic flashbacks. Forcefully estranged from her loving father, she is placed into a foster home where she’ll be physiologically and physically abused. The one thing that didn’t convince me was the zilch concern the child protective services had regarding her and Pike’s welfare. Here is where the author should have stated the reasons for such an abominable posture. The author’s crude description of the barbarities this minor had to endure by her foster parents enraged me to the point of tears. Throughout her young years, Nina’s ability to survive under such subhuman conditions are influenced by Pike who I might add, not only tries to ease her torment in ways that will horrify you, but doesn’t escape from their foster father’s degradation either. If he becomes the bad boy with a capital B in this story, Nina turns into a bitch in bold letters!

Without victims, no plot! An adorable husband who worships the ground Nina walks on is oblivious to her deceptive plan. A hotel owner sucked into a web of lies so intricately woven, is fooled to perfection! I loved both of them to bits in different ways and made me want to scream and shout aloud in frustration. Wait until the ending. Oh. My. God! To say I was utterly flabbergasted, would be an understatement. What a cliff-hanger and a half!

The author’s ability to scandalize, sadden and make your emotions run riot in one breath left me emotionally spent. She’ll take you on roller-coaster ride that never has a moment of relief. Unputdownable, dreadfully harsh and impeccably written. Regardless of my small discrepancy, I award five stars to Bang by Ms. Blair! BRAVO!