IT AIN’T ME, BABE by Tillie Cole

FIVE STARS (Deserves many more!)

Reviewed by Sharon Thèrése Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

A sub-amazingly-lime read! One thing is knowing what you’re talking about. Another thing is being able to put one’s knowledge into words in a novel that not only flows to perfection, but also leaves you spell-bound and aghast in the same breath. What an eye-opener! I had a vague idea that a small number of religious sects are positively dangerous, but had absolutely no idea what these fanatics in the name of God are capable of.

This is without a doubt, one of the most difficult reviews I have written without letting on, so bear with me folks! I’ll try my hardest not to spoil it for you! Salome and her sisters were born in The Order. Their lives are unsustainable and inhuman! Mae, aka Salome’s story made me realise that whether or not members are born into certain Orders is inconsequential to the higher hierarchy’s doctrines. One obeys regardless! Keeping their members in ignorance is fundamental because according to them, the outside world is full of sinful temptations! The girls’ biggest sin is their beauty. They are victims of torture, rape and degradation which is explicitly described and made me feel more than uncomfortable.

Styx is the boss! Too young to be the “prez” of a bikers charter, too horrendously strong and tattooed with rippling muscles in all the right places gals! But this guy has a problem…or two! When he was on the verge of puberty, he stumbled upon a beautiful young girl. While trying to communicate with her, somehow his speech disorder is alleviated and she becomes his lifelong obsession. She’ll never forget the boy that tried to help her either. Now, the big question is…what will happen in the future? Is the traitor amidst this love story with a difference going to be the save the day?

The author’s secondary characters are marvellous! I could have strangled Rider with my own bear hands! I just loved Beauty who will give Mae worldly-wise advice and help her through thick and thin. Apart from the storyline which is fast-moving and absorbing, what really swayed me was how the author has managed to express her male characters’ speech perceptions. Mae’s language is beyond fitting under the circumstances, too! Quite brilliant, so realistic, and this book is extremely unputdownable! If you like twist and turns that abound in an aggressively complex read, this is for you! One thing that I’d like to mention before giving this author my ovation, are the sex scenes. Although they are one way or another relevant and well narrated, the importance of this surreal story are two people from totally different backgrounds

To the author; Ms. Cole! I am abso-friggin-lutley lost for words! BRAVO!

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