Reviewed by Traci Hyland for Kindle Friends Forever

I am giving this review 4 stars because Amazon and Goodreads doesn’t allow half stars, otherwise I’d be giving it a 3.5. Though it is a good story and doesn’t deserve a 3, it needs some work for me to truly feel it is a 4 star.

 This is the story of a young single mother of 2 boys, who loves her boys to pieces but needs some “me” time, so she booked a holiday at a nice hotel to just rest, relax and enjoy herself.  Isobel is British and she is on holiday in England, near her home, where she meets Marc, a very attractive Harvard professor, who takes an instant liking to Isobel, who is a beautiful but plus sized woman.  It was refreshing to have a lead female that wasn’t a whiny twit, and wasn’t pencil thin with big boobs all up in her face.  She was beautiful and still a bigger woman.

 For me, the fact that she was British and he was American was a key factor because I couldn’t get past the fact that the way it was written. Isobel sounded more the American and Marc more the Brit. This may not have been noticeable to others, but it was absolutely noticeable to me. The story was also written very formally which took away from it for me. That isn’t how people speak naturally, so it sounded very forced. Other than those two issues, I found it to be a light, sweet very appealing story and I’m looking forward to book two to see how the rest plays out. I enjoyed both characters and how they were together, and how they found each other and fell so quickly. It flowed well. It wasn’t silly, ridiculous or drawn out. It still gave you a complete story and not a jump from one to the next and not really filling in the middle. And as always, the evil witch was just that, an evil witch and that was what it needed to be.

I would definitely recommend this story but I do think it needs to be less formal.



Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

As it’s not possible to rate three and a half stars on Goodreads and Amazon, I have awarded Johnny Outlaw; real name, Jack Dalton and Holliday Hughes’ hot steamy love story four stars.

Jack Dalton and Holliday’s story starts off a little slow. It picks up when they cross paths in a hotel in Las Vegas where Holli is reluctantly taking part in a business conference. Her love life is in the doldrums and he’s a frigging flirt with a skirt. However, as soon as they set eyes on each other, magnetism palpitates and innuendos flow. Could either of them envisage the outcome of their scorching night together? Well, you will see what happens when you read their story with all its ups and downs, but lacking in twists and turns for my liking.

This book isn’t erotica. It’s sexy and believe me when I say that they’re at it in nearly every paragraph! If the storyline had had more backbone, something more to grab at, it would have been absolutely brilliant! I couldn’t possibly fault the banter between this horrendously sexy rock star and this up and coming independent woman. There is no doubt that you’ll laugh out aloud? One would expect their lifestyles and personalities to clash but the author has made these two diverse characters work to a tee. I loved Tracy too! Hollie’s best friend and secretary plays an important part and Danny! Ooohh Dani! Why Hollie’s hunk of a neighbour was left on the sidelines is a real shame!

I assumed that this novel was about the title. “The Resistance.” I got the impression that the author had tried to involve the rock band in this light-hearted read, but somehow it just didn’t seem to work for me. The impeccable grammar cannot be disputed and I am really looking forward to reading more from Ms Scott who has undisputed talent.