FORTITUDE – Heart of Stone Novella by D H Sidebottom


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Ava kicks arse! So when she breaks distressing news to Mason, those last three words in the pen ultimate book of the Heart of Stone series, Ferocity, left me thunderstruck! We have been taken on a turbulent ride throughout this saga filled with passionate love, lust-ridden sex, revengeful acts carried out by the notorious Rebecca who I might add, brought out the worst in me! Vendettas are explicitly described and contrast with lifelong lasting friendships. Friends became enemies and enemies became friends.

Now Ava has to tackle the biggest challenge ever. How she copes with it isn’t exactly what one would expect, but the only way she knows how to do it is by rejecting the love of her life. Although my heart was with Ava  every step of the way, I found her stubbornness and actions so irritatingly frustrating. I can honestly say that if I sobbed for her, I was agonized for Mason! Yeah, my book-lover Vickie Leaf is mine! He always seemed to put his foot in it and make matters worse, but this Alfa man’s wrongdoings are easily forgiven in a heart-rending and outstandingly written story that for me, the word perfection is an understatement.

The author helps us remember anecdotes and scenes in the series by flipping back and forth, and makes the dialogue between the main protagonists come alive. I especially liked Ava’s subtle way of correcting Mason’s adages which made me laugh out loud. We are introduced to a fantastic new character in Fortitude too, so I hope the author won’t write him off!

Ms Sidebottom! My reviews are totally unbiased. They are written to guide the reader and help them chose the genre. But how could I possibly say farewell to the Fox’s without saying a few special words to you. You are AWESOME! Not only is your style of writing captivating, but you have also managed to deal with a subject that affects many in their daily lives with an admirable sensitivity. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.