STOLEN GRACE by Arianne Richmonde


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever


I’m abso-friggin’-lutley gob-smacked! This book was gifted to me by my collaborator on KKF and I can’t thank her enough! This unconventional love story is not only thought-provoking but also so angst-ridden that at times, my nerves were on edge!

Sylvia and Tommy adopt. Their beautiful little girl who was originally from Kashmir, is old and wise beyond her years. I fell in love with her sassy back-chat and observations; her profound trust and capability of reading her parents moods, her linguistic mannerisms. Sylvia and Tommy’s marriage is in a rut! The communication lacking between them made me want to shout out aloud. “Speak to each other for God’s sake!” They don’t, so things go from bad to worse. Their dreams of building a life in rural Wyoming isn’t what they envisaged and they both have trouble adapting from their previous life in New York, where they both meet and had well-paid jobs. Now they can’t make ends meet and to top the lot, Sylvia becomes more and more suspicious of Tommy’s secretive ways. He in turn, can’t fathom out why the love of his life is treating him with the cold shoulder and giving him the silent treatment.

Dreadful circumstances snowball at such a fast pace that it leaves the reader aghast. He takes a supposedly important trip to LA and although Sylvia doesn’t know Ruth personally because they started their relationship on Facebook, she thinks it’s a good idea that she’s coming to stay while he’s away. The minute Ruth walks through their threshold, one gets the feeling she isn’t who she has made herself out to be. I wanted to strangle Sylvia for trusting this devious woman. What happens from here on,  is without a doubt, the crux of the story.

A domino effect leads from one crisis to another causing their very existence to be shredded apart, and the one thing that’s keeping their rocky marriage together has been stolen. Disappeared into thin air!

This unorthodox story brings up delicate issues such as abduction, race and religion, and is treated with the utmost discretion. The author’s protagonists’ merciful love is described splendidly. Their love for their daughter, the fight they put up under unknown conditions to regain what is theirs will take you on an emotionally rocky ride.

What can I say to Ms Richmonde? You have written one hell of a raw page-turner! Your impeccable writing, your characters’ personalities, everything about this book was faultless. Bravo!