My Soul Keeper by Ker Dukey


Five  Stars

Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever.

I dove into this book with a certain amount of trepidation purely because paranormal has never called my attention. To say I was intrigued from the first line would be an understatement. It’s nothing like the author’s previous books but the style and incredible imagination she has used in a complex storyline is far from confusing and will not let readers down who like this type of book.

The characters’ personalities are unravelled at a steady pace and we get to know them one by one without becoming unduly overwhelmed. The protagonist, Simone, has been brought up in loving surroundings and is extremely responsible for her years. Even though her mum’s pregnancy worries her no-end, she is excited about having a new sibling in her life. Her best friend, Leah, who I might add, is there for her through thick and thin and just adorable, wants Simone to let her hair down but that unknown something is holding her back. Her stance not only frustrates her part-time boyfriend, Jacob, but is also badly interpreted by Amanda, the school bully! Liam’s over protectiveness of Simone causes certain issues throughout the story which only adds to the intrigue. Even though Simone is about to start a new chapter—college, her world is about to change drastically where her destiny is mapped out by uncontrollable forces. Here enters the love of her life, Shamar.

Shamar is the soul keeper. He’ll pull her very existence apart but as they have such strong feelings for each other and their mutual attraction is undeniable, will they be able to survive so many obstacles paving the way for happiness! Will she be tempted by the unscrupulous Lucas who walks on the dark side of this outstandingly well written love story?

It wouldn’t be fair if I told you more so now I’ll take this opportunity to commend Ms Dukey for having the courage to write her first paranormal novel. It has paid off! Bravo!