The Sordid Promise by Courtney Lane


Reviewed by Sharon Thérèse Nuttall for Kindle Friends Forever

Five Stars

Please be forewarned, everything is far from black and white in this novel. There is graphic language, violence, murder, physiological and physical abuse. Please read below before purchasing.

Diounna, “Nikki” Her supressed emotional disorder is consuming her very existence. She thinks the escape route she is using to control it is her only option and will ease this internal trauma so deeply buried inside her very being. She had no idea that her sick mother knew just how mentally unbalanced she was and unbeknown to her, her mother makes a pact with a person even more mentally distraught than her only daughter. When she goes home to care for her mother, will she be capable of carrying out her beloved mother’s dying wishes? Who is this man who seems to be in the right place at the right time and so willingly offers to help her through such a stressful period in her life? Is he being completely honest regarding his intentions?

It’s as if her new neighbour, Eric Brenton, goes out of his way to mock her! He is inconsiderate, egocentric, horrendously good-looking, and their mutual attraction palpates from the very start. Eric coldly offers her quid pro quo transaction, or no go! Desperation surmises around an inexplicable story in situations that are quite unfathomable but made totally realistic by outstanding writing on the author’s part.


This book sucked into what felt like the vortex of a tornado, and I felt I had to share my opinion with you readers who like this of genre with its twist and turns in a plot which is not so much confusing, as disconcerting! Without a doubt—an exceptional read. I loved the interaction between the two main protagonists and the secondary characters are certainly beyond any expectations.

What can I say? Firstly, my absolutely favourite passage has to be this one. “People called her by a much harsher term, a word that began with a ‘c’. I’ve only encountered one person who could use the word and attach a sensual connotation to it.”  Secondly, Ms Lane… it’s unusual for me to read and write a review in twenty-four hours. My only words to you are these…don’t make me wait too long for the sequel! Since I can’t give you more, five well-earned stars are in order for a perfectly written book.