FATE by Nikki Sex

Five stars

FATE by Nikki Sex

Reviewed by Sharon Therese Tomas for Kindle Friends Forever

Even though they have known each other since childhood, this story isn’t about a sweetheart romance. Oh no, far from it! This is a story about a woman whose innuendos were rejected by her brother’s best friend not once, but twice. Emily knows Paul values their friendship. She knows she is his confidant when most needed, and she knows that without taking drastic measures, she will never be able to live a normal life. So what does she do? She fools him! And wait for it… she does it in such an imperfectly perfect way that the outcome is the least one would expect in a perfectly imperfect plot!

The beginning of this stand-alone novel takes us straight to a Mexican resort where we’ll meet up with the two main characters of this extremely titillating love story. It not only has an unusually intriguing scenario which one wouldn’t expect in this type of novel, it also engrosses the reader with all its twist and turns. We will also learn why the highly explicit sex scenes are so unbecoming of Emily Melone, aka Candy’s character and her compunction to overcome her lifelong obsession. This caring young woman who has lived a responsible and quiet life up until now, knows her well mapped out plan to seduce Paul Jarman could be a double-edged sword. The only way to sate her desires for this gorgeous man is by spending a night of lust with him. She spruces herself up to the nines, unscrupulously throws caution to the wind and nervously dives straight into his open arms which really had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Her courage throughout this story of deception is commendable and makes one thinks there is no possible way for a happy ending under such peculiar circumstances. The big question! Can she pull it off? And what will happen when Emily’s true colours are discovered.

Obviously problems occur! She becomes even more infatuated with him and he in turn, doesn’t believe his luck has changed. Paul is convinced his persona as a controlling Dom is enough for him. He doesn’t trust. He doesn’t do relationships. But, yes! This captivatingand horrendously sensual nymph he presumably picked up was perhaps what he needed to change his mind. He wants to see her, she wants to see him too but not on her ground. She well knows that if she does, her secret will be revealed endangering her relationship with her best friend, and she will lose the lover she never had in the first place.

This fast and provocatively sensual plot continues to thicken when Emily decides to delve into the world of BDSM. Her appetite to know more about Paul’s world was wetted in Mexico. She is convinced that regardless of their family issues and the unlikelihood that one day he can forgive her lies and deceit, won’t hamper her curiosity which is getting the better of her by the minute. When she is introduced to the intriguing master of master’s, the beguiling Andrés Chavalier, his guidance, patience and encouragement unravel her dormant passion.

I am absolutely lost for words Ms Nikki Sex. Your characters are adorable, your storyline beyond expectations, your descriptive writing excellent. Your books flows to such a point that it is simply unputdownable. Without a doubt, five stars!

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