thirteenI don’t usually start writing reviews this way; nonetheless, for you to understand a little about this intriguing plot without letting on too much, obliges me to tell you that this is not a run of the mill love story! It’s harsh, more often than not, violent, and extremely explicit. William is the protagonist whose past was complicated from the start of his young life. He lived with his mother while his twin brother had the opportunity to study in a different place. William wasn’t given that option. His father, who has a personal animosity towards him, was barely at home while he looked after his mentally sick mother.

He was too docile to stand up for himself and far too concerned about what his parents would think of him if he did. He was bullied beyond the point of expiration, and there wasn’t anyone there for him, to guide him, to save him. Something horrendous happened to William on a day which would mark his very existence. No-one could possibly have comprehended or imagined why he was so influenced by the number thirteen until  the reason is slowly disclosed in a story full of angst.

He kidnaps thirteen young women, eradicates their memories and takes them to his mansion where he slowly gives them the opportunity to recuperate their past by making them obey to rules and regulations which are by no means legitimate, in most cases, darn right cruel and exaggeratedly controlling. To free them from their sufferance, he demands subservience and is convinced that his unorthodox methods will be the only answer for them to be able to cope with the possibility of having a normal life. The girls are put into groups depending on the severity of the treatment they had previously experienced before he took them. Number thirteen is put together with number three, seven and twelve.

Number thirteen is different. She’s unruly. She doesn’t know who she is but this doesn’t dampen her strong will or spirit to survive. The constant questions she asks herself only seem to cause her more confusion and even more reason to rebel.  She stands up for his injustices and takes punishments when they’re not even deserved. How long will it take for him to break her? Does he? Will she reject him when she eventually finds out who this man is that hides behind a mask and the plans he has for her?

The most important woman in this unusual love story has a name. Emelyn. Incredibly honest, a natural leader of outstanding beauty and a fighter in a  losing battle, seems to gain this damaged man’s respect and love. Say no more!!! It’s definitely worth reading if you like a read with  a lot of sensuality with a difference!

I think that the reason the author hasn’t been given the credit she deserves from other reviews I’ve read is probably because this story is so bizarre! Although it is shocking, it is without a doubt, original. I couldn’t put it down and finished reading this book twenty-fours. If I haven’t given this Ms Jewel five stars, it was because this innovative plot left me hanging. Her style of writing and her description of her characters is flawless. Ms Jewel. I simply found the ending slightly rushed!

My favourite passage is a confession! “You needed to feel that fear; it was the only way I could get past the walls you had built so high.”


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