The newspaper advertisement caught Lucien’s eye and the more he read it, the more intrigued he became. A reality show was looking for contestants for the Ultimate Dom with a mouth-watering prize and this man not only needed the money to cover debts he hadn’t incurred but felt morally obliged to pay off, his personal experience and traits fitted the bill perfectly.

The young woman queuing for the audition in front of Lucien was a bag of nerves. She had absolutely no idea what she was letting herself into, and to say that Tara Reese was naïve would be an understatement but maybe, just maybe, this attractive man with all his amicably convincing words, whose offer to help her through something totally alien to her, could give her hope, could help her save someone dear to her heart.

Lucien is without a doubt irreproachable towards Tara. Although she huffs and puffs throughout a unique story of two people that need each other for completely different goals, eventually, Lucien’s expertise and outstanding humour, his complete and utter honestly regarding ways of dominance, makes Tara a more than willing partner in everything he asks her to do in situations that will make your hair curl if it’s not already!

The author of this book will probably strangle me for letting on! I sincerely hope not because there’s so much more to what initially appears to be a run of the mill Dom Sub romance. I felt that it was necessary to tell you a little about two fabulous characters in an incredibly unusual scenario. Mr Bane has a way with words and my only criticism is I wanted to read more!

I couldn’t possibly write my favourite passage as it would be a spoiler and a half! But I can write my favourite sentence. “Let it out love, I’m so sorry. I’m here. I’ll help you.” Only by reading this heart-rending love story with a difference, will you find out what happens!!!

A quick note to the author. Mr Bane, simply bravo!