DISTROYED by Pepper Winters

Hazel is perturbed young woman of outstanding beauty with an extremely complicated past for her years. But more importantly, she was not only a fighter, a survivor, a saviour, a woman of many identities, she was also the mother of a young child. Her heart of such immense dimensions never gave up on lost causes. One of them was her flatmate and best friend who had been there and back to hell.

Clue! A stunning oriental who would always be in the background of this story, loved Hazel like no other being. She managed to convince Hazel to accompany her to an extremely dubious club and although Hazel had got more important things to do at home that night, she was curious to meet the new love in Clue’s life.

Corkscrew, a gorgeous coloured man that had his head screwed on right fought at this club, adored Clue. But little did Hazel realise when she she walked through the threshold of what looked like a lion’s den with her friend, and seeing Fox fighting in the ring, would her dire desire to save the only person that couldn’t be saved, that didn’t want to be saved, change her life forever?

Fox is an untouchable machine! Inhuman. Horrendously attractive, grey-opaque eyes as cold as an iceberg, so highly trained, and breathes danger. This owner of the ring was unbreakable. Hazel was drawn to him. He was drawn to her. He wanted to own her. She didn’t know why this beast of a man wanted her to sign a contract difficult to complete for her services rendered and if she signed it, maybe there would be hope for her daughter. Could she break him? Will she be able to tame him? Did she sign precious days of her life away to such a magnificently tormented man for nothing?

Oscar is (Fox) Roan Avrin’s associate and only friend in an underground fighting ring that revolves around dark rooms, dungeons where Fox makes bronze statues of animals. The premises are dark, suffocating and depressing. He tolerates Fox because of his abilities. He gives him advice which, in turn, Fox chooses to ignore. Sometimes!

Clara, Hazel’s daughter is the key to this story. She is the sun that shines in this story of pain and suffering. She is the balm that will still troubled waters. Old beyond her years, you will fall in love with her.

This is definitely one of the most impressive love stories I have ever read about two lost souls that find each other in an impossible scenario difficult to read without a huge box of Kleenex at hand. The author has managed to convey an absolutely breath-taking novel by taking us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, beautifully described and grammatically perfect. I can’t salute you enough Ms Winters. This word is too sublime for the work that you have accomplished! Phenomenal would be more fitting.

One of the passages in the book that made me think twice was, ” Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I’m still in control.”

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