Endurance (Heart of Stone)

I would like to point out that this review is totally unbiased.

This novella is hopefully not the last in the epic series; “Heart of Stone.” If you haven’t already read the previous books, it is highly recommended that you do as to avoid any confusion. The first being “Incineration”, the second; “Tolerance”, the third; “Resolution”, and the fourth; “Atonement.” I would also like to mention that by firstly reading “NCS Industries and then the Room 103 series.” will also guide the reader towards a solid conclusion regarding an incredibly disconcerting sequence of events leading up to Ms. Sidebottom’s last book. Truly a lot of reading but without a doubt, well worth the effort!

In the past, a roller-coaster ride of deceit, barbaric violation and broken promises seem to be against Mason and Ava’s relationship but these two beautiful souls are not only bought together because of their strong physical attraction to each other, they are also two of a kind. She helps Mason defeat his addiction to heavy drugs and other obsessions, and he, in turn, makes Ava a stronger person. Undeniable love helps them put behind a traumatic past and they make a new life for themselves and their two children in Portugal where George, Ava’s surrogate father, confident and best friend lives.

Endurance kicks in years later when Mason confesses to Ava that he has denounced their teenage son’s girlfriend’s father, Frank, to the authorities for trafficking young girls into slavery without realising his decision would put Ava’s life in jeopardy. His interference puts even more strain on an already difficult father-son relationship as not only does he blame Mason for his mother’s past suffering, he now finds out that his mother has told his father Etta is carrying his child. Etta’s parents, Frank and Vickie were supposedly good friends of the family, however; Ava had never really trusted Frank because of his criminal background and possible malevolent influence on her husband. From here on in, the plot thickens to such extremes that if I told you more, you wouldn’t bother reading it, so say no more!

The author’s vivid imagination, her way with words and ability to describe her characters’ personalities in this story revolving around an alpha male you’d wish you could meet in person, a heroin who doesn’t give in regardless of the consequences, their children, Katie and George, Vickie, you’ll just hate her! And their dearest friends, Greg, Courtney, Nate and Liv who we’ve met in previous books in this series, is beyond any doubt, outstanding. Be prepared for violent scenes that will have you biting your nails, aggressive language and hotter than hot sex.

I expected nothing less from Ms. Sidebottom. As always, brilliantly written and a well thought out plot. However; it would have been nice to know what happens to their son, George. Is he going to be the new hero in a any future books? Well, we’ll have to wait and see what the author decides to do.

Favourite passage; “You’re you Mason, fuck I have to fight damn Angel’s every morning to keep you mine.”


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