The Tied Man

In a small Spanish village on the coast of southern Spain lives an extremely strong-minded and witty British artist, Lilith Bresson. She enjoys her life by mixing with the locals and painting. However, an unwelcome visit from her estranged father forces her to take on a portrait commission of Lady Blaine Albermarle to cover her father’s debts. Albermarle Hall is supposedly a luxurious retreat for the privileged where, upon her arrival, discovers that this grandiose mansion situated on an island in the north of England is not only a fortified country hall, but the hostess and proprietor, a despot underlined, will become her worst nightmare.
She is introduced to the most outstandingly beautiful man she has ever set eyes on, Finn Strachan. Lilith has a natural ability to suss out anyone’s personality and soon realises that Finn is not who he makes himself out to be, and Blaine, even less.

Although their attraction for each other is undeniable, a contract Finn had signed when he was on the streets of Dublin tying his body and soul to Blaine, hinders their growing friendship, and obliges Lilith to play along with Blaine’s well-constructed game of deception and destruction. Consequently, their self-preservation is constantly being put to the test.

From the very first page, I was hooked lock, stock and barrel! This book is without a doubt, one of the most disturbing dark romances I have ever read and it was as if it brought out a morbid curiosity I never knew I had. The author has taken such great care with miniscule details that it’s easy to imagine you’re there sharing their sufferance, living through the barbarism they have to endure, and makes you want to scream in utter frustration. Not only is dialogue incredibly realistic, it also helps build up a feasible plot which one hopes doesn’t exist in real life. Will these two beautiful people be maimed for life? Read it if you’re not weak-hearted!

In a nutshell, this page-turner will shock you and you won’t be able to afford the luxury of missing one line!


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