The Suicide Princess

Stephanie is an attractive young Assistant District Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts, who is restless in her job and even more so in her marriage to Jacob, an airline pilot. Although they love each other, she thought the life they had built together could have been a lot better, especially in the bedroom department.

As Karen, her best friend and colleague was too busy to go for lunch with her, Stephanie goes to their local restaurant alone where she is chatted up by Derrick. This suave and charming man bombards her with enticingly seductive propositions via text messages which she plays along with and although she begrudgingly turns him down, images of Derrick’s innuendos are always in the back of her mind, so after a couple of weeks, she decides to fulfil her sexual fantasies and messages him. Little does she know what she is letting herself in for and here begins a thriller of crude language, deception, lots and lots of explicitly well described hotter than hot sex, chaos, blackmail, and murder between brackets, more or less in that order!

To begin with, one thinks that the protagonists are Stephanie and Derrick but their sex-affair for a better word, quickly draws Jacob into the fiasco when he wakes up to the fact that his wife is cheating on him and takes dire measures against his wife. Karen, who not only tries to warn Stephanie for reasons you will only find out while reading this book, also weakly attempts to give her advice. And Stephanie’s boss, Mr Webber; demanding as any boss should be when he has given Stephanie an opportunity of a life time to show her true colours with an up and coming court case, is impatient and uncomprehending of her stance regarding her peculiar behaviour.

Throughout the exceptionally well written build-up Anthony Bryan wove, I really started to feel uncomfortable from the second chapter when Derrick texts Stephanie. “Why, don’t you trust me?” Stephanie answers, “I trust you fine. It’s me I don’t trust.” From there on in, my intuition kicked in and made me shout out aloud, don’t do it, don’t do it! No time to make a cuppa and certainly not a book I could put down because if I did, I obviously had more mundane things to do like going to work! The mere fact that I read this book in one day says a lot. I’ll be keeping my beady eye on you sir.

Favourite quote:
“Don’t walk, Crawl.”


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