LAYERS (Stark # 1)

I’m not one for writing reviews but if I do, it’s because the book deserves my opinion and this love story is certainly one worth mentioning! Randomly looking for a good read, I found this book by chance and bought it! It is without a doubt, one of the best books of its genre this year! If you want erotica, you’ll have to use your imagination as the love scenes are sublime.

Haley is cajoled into taking a drinking bet with her best friend, Tasha, and loses! The price for losing is to be present in an orientation day in one of the best high-tech companies for an intern-ship. She has no interest in the company but goes along with her friend for the fun of it and when she ends up diverting from the group, lo and behold, she meets an interesting person in the CEO’S personal kitchen. A few days later her CV is accepted, an interview scheduled, and that’s when fate begins to play a huge part in this story. These two people that seem so alike, so diverse, and so quirky, start a low-key relationship that pulls them both into a whirlwind romance with all its ups and downs. Daniel Stark, the CEO, is charming, arrogant and that touch of irony sums up his personality to perfection. Haley’s character is on par with his, but she’s more inquisitive and tolerant. Obviously this cocktail seems to work until a misunderstanding wrenches them apart.

The writer’s ability to describe their persona is incredible! The verbal interaction between the characters is solid, comical and at times, dam right emotional. I felt that I was having that one grande, double shot, extra hot, not too much foam cappuccino with them in Starbucks! The writer conveys all aspects of their attire down to a tee and certainly makes one want to go out and buy a pair of red sneakers!

Hayley’s friends are incredible. Ian is super gay and full of good advice, endearing and just lovely. Tasha is what we would all like to have as a friend and Rob, Tasha’s lover who happens to work for Stark, is a total wet blanket and if I was Stark, I’d sack him! I can’t wait for Layers 2 to see what happens. Ms. Enrlich,…BRAVO!

Saying that, I have absolutely nothing against Fifty Shades of Grey or The Crossfire Series, but this is a love story written with capital letters, commas, fullstops!


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