The cover of this book is without a doubt, deceiving and definitely not what I would have chosen. Therefore one shouldn’t  judge it until it’s read!  What I found enthralling about this love story with its unusual twists and turns was firstly, the lexical richness, and secondly, how easy it was to relate to the three main characters.

The story starts off in a coffee shop in of all places, Witham, Essex, where Paige frequents.  I was born in Shenfield , Essex, and  I met my husband in The Thatched House , Epping which after so many years, still exists.This story has absolutely nothing to do mine but it was like walking down memory lane!

A small mishap calls the attention of Alex Turner who respectively suggests going somewhere else and here begins their story. In my case, it was the Brunchy Bar which unfortunately is now a Mark’s and Spark’s! In this case, it was an ice cream parlour. Paige is a successful business women, beautiful without being blasé, and she has a great sense of humour. Although she and her husband, James, are going through a rough patch in their marriage, they are still very much in love with each other, but this doesn’t stop her unwilling attraction for Alex who is a writer, extremely attractive, a little provocative and single. Their quirky banter is at times, down right hilarious and the writer’s ability to keep the reader’s attention from beginning to end is commendable. The few love scenes are very low-key so you’ll have to use your imagination which I must say, makes a refreshing change considering most novels of this genre are of shallow content and too much erotica. I didn’t expect the book to end as it did which was a bitter-sweet surprise. Bravo Ms. Foxx for sharing your talent.


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