I really don’t know how this mega-story escaped me but I consider this review better late than never! Claire is an out of work meteorologist working in a bar. She’d set her own rules, never date her customers. However, Anthony’s suave talking convinces her to break her them and over a dinner date, he jokingly presents her with a fictitious contract for a job in a weather station on a paper napkin. She innocently plays along and without a blink of an eye, she signs her name. Little did she know that this would be her come down.

Because of past circumstances, Tony has a vengeful task which has to be carried out regardless. Claire, without realising why, is put in the line of fire. He literally kidnaps her and holds her against her will, tortures her physically and psychologically, and tries his hardest to manipulate a person with such an unbreakable character. that eventually makes him respect her!

There relationship is a constant battle of wills and on Claire’s part, much much more give than take. She has to earn little reprieves by good behaviour whether she likes it or not. He tries to annihilate her totally from society and when she has the opportunity to run, much to my disgust, she doesn’t do it properly and the repercussions for her are horrendous. At times, I got really irate with her and I could could have strangled Tony with his controlling and devious ways!

Claire’s sister, Emily and husband, John, an up and coming lawyer, have a relatively small part to play in the first book of three simply because Tony has convinced them that Claire is happy with him. Saying that, the domino effect upsets their lives too.

This book like no other, has caused me no amount of stress. I rarely read into the early hours of the morning but this is a page turner; long, yes it is! Nevertheless, every page must be read to understand this excellent plot. Bravo Ms. Romig.

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