I really don’t know how this mega-story escaped me but I consider this review better late than never! Claire is an out of work meteorologist working in a bar. She’d set her own rules, never date her customers. However, Anthony’s suave talking convinces her to break her them and over a dinner date, he jokingly presents her with a fictitious contract for a job in a weather station on a paper napkin. She innocently plays along and without a blink of an eye, she signs her name. Little did she know that this would be her come down.

Because of past circumstances, Tony has a vengeful task which has to be carried out regardless. Claire, without realising why, is put in the line of fire. He literally kidnaps her and holds her against her will, tortures her physically and psychologically, and tries his hardest to manipulate a person with such an unbreakable character. that eventually makes him respect her!

There relationship is a constant battle of wills and on Claire’s part, much much more give than take. She has to earn little reprieves by good behaviour whether she likes it or not. He tries to annihilate her totally from society and when she has the opportunity to run, much to my disgust, she doesn’t do it properly and the repercussions for her are horrendous. At times, I got really irate with her and I could could have strangled Tony with his controlling and devious ways!

Claire’s sister, Emily and husband, John, an up and coming lawyer, have a relatively small part to play in the first book of three simply because Tony has convinced them that Claire is happy with him. Saying that, the domino effect upsets their lives too.

This book like no other, has caused me no amount of stress. I rarely read into the early hours of the morning but this is a page turner; long, yes it is! Nevertheless, every page must be read to understand this excellent plot. Bravo Ms. Romig.

The Tied Man

In a small Spanish village on the coast of southern Spain lives an extremely strong-minded and witty British artist, Lilith Bresson. She enjoys her life by mixing with the locals and painting. However, an unwelcome visit from her estranged father forces her to take on a portrait commission of Lady Blaine Albermarle to cover her father’s debts. Albermarle Hall is supposedly a luxurious retreat for the privileged where, upon her arrival, discovers that this grandiose mansion situated on an island in the north of England is not only a fortified country hall, but the hostess and proprietor, a despot underlined, will become her worst nightmare.
She is introduced to the most outstandingly beautiful man she has ever set eyes on, Finn Strachan. Lilith has a natural ability to suss out anyone’s personality and soon realises that Finn is not who he makes himself out to be, and Blaine, even less.

Although their attraction for each other is undeniable, a contract Finn had signed when he was on the streets of Dublin tying his body and soul to Blaine, hinders their growing friendship, and obliges Lilith to play along with Blaine’s well-constructed game of deception and destruction. Consequently, their self-preservation is constantly being put to the test.

From the very first page, I was hooked lock, stock and barrel! This book is without a doubt, one of the most disturbing dark romances I have ever read and it was as if it brought out a morbid curiosity I never knew I had. The author has taken such great care with miniscule details that it’s easy to imagine you’re there sharing their sufferance, living through the barbarism they have to endure, and makes you want to scream in utter frustration. Not only is dialogue incredibly realistic, it also helps build up a feasible plot which one hopes doesn’t exist in real life. Will these two beautiful people be maimed for life? Read it if you’re not weak-hearted!

In a nutshell, this page-turner will shock you and you won’t be able to afford the luxury of missing one line!

The Suicide Princess

Stephanie is an attractive young Assistant District Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts, who is restless in her job and even more so in her marriage to Jacob, an airline pilot. Although they love each other, she thought the life they had built together could have been a lot better, especially in the bedroom department.

As Karen, her best friend and colleague was too busy to go for lunch with her, Stephanie goes to their local restaurant alone where she is chatted up by Derrick. This suave and charming man bombards her with enticingly seductive propositions via text messages which she plays along with and although she begrudgingly turns him down, images of Derrick’s innuendos are always in the back of her mind, so after a couple of weeks, she decides to fulfil her sexual fantasies and messages him. Little does she know what she is letting herself in for and here begins a thriller of crude language, deception, lots and lots of explicitly well described hotter than hot sex, chaos, blackmail, and murder between brackets, more or less in that order!

To begin with, one thinks that the protagonists are Stephanie and Derrick but their sex-affair for a better word, quickly draws Jacob into the fiasco when he wakes up to the fact that his wife is cheating on him and takes dire measures against his wife. Karen, who not only tries to warn Stephanie for reasons you will only find out while reading this book, also weakly attempts to give her advice. And Stephanie’s boss, Mr Webber; demanding as any boss should be when he has given Stephanie an opportunity of a life time to show her true colours with an up and coming court case, is impatient and uncomprehending of her stance regarding her peculiar behaviour.

Throughout the exceptionally well written build-up Anthony Bryan wove, I really started to feel uncomfortable from the second chapter when Derrick texts Stephanie. “Why, don’t you trust me?” Stephanie answers, “I trust you fine. It’s me I don’t trust.” From there on in, my intuition kicked in and made me shout out aloud, don’t do it, don’t do it! No time to make a cuppa and certainly not a book I could put down because if I did, I obviously had more mundane things to do like going to work! The mere fact that I read this book in one day says a lot. I’ll be keeping my beady eye on you sir.

Favourite quote:
“Don’t walk, Crawl.”


The cover of this book is without a doubt, deceiving and definitely not what I would have chosen. Therefore one shouldn’t  judge it until it’s read!  What I found enthralling about this love story with its unusual twists and turns was firstly, the lexical richness, and secondly, how easy it was to relate to the three main characters.

The story starts off in a coffee shop in of all places, Witham, Essex, where Paige frequents.  I was born in Shenfield , Essex, and  I met my husband in The Thatched House , Epping which after so many years, still exists.This story has absolutely nothing to do mine but it was like walking down memory lane!

A small mishap calls the attention of Alex Turner who respectively suggests going somewhere else and here begins their story. In my case, it was the Brunchy Bar which unfortunately is now a Mark’s and Spark’s! In this case, it was an ice cream parlour. Paige is a successful business women, beautiful without being blasé, and she has a great sense of humour. Although she and her husband, James, are going through a rough patch in their marriage, they are still very much in love with each other, but this doesn’t stop her unwilling attraction for Alex who is a writer, extremely attractive, a little provocative and single. Their quirky banter is at times, down right hilarious and the writer’s ability to keep the reader’s attention from beginning to end is commendable. The few love scenes are very low-key so you’ll have to use your imagination which I must say, makes a refreshing change considering most novels of this genre are of shallow content and too much erotica. I didn’t expect the book to end as it did which was a bitter-sweet surprise. Bravo Ms. Foxx for sharing your talent.

LAYERS (Stark # 1)

I’m not one for writing reviews but if I do, it’s because the book deserves my opinion and this love story is certainly one worth mentioning! Randomly looking for a good read, I found this book by chance and bought it! It is without a doubt, one of the best books of its genre this year! If you want erotica, you’ll have to use your imagination as the love scenes are sublime.

Haley is cajoled into taking a drinking bet with her best friend, Tasha, and loses! The price for losing is to be present in an orientation day in one of the best high-tech companies for an intern-ship. She has no interest in the company but goes along with her friend for the fun of it and when she ends up diverting from the group, lo and behold, she meets an interesting person in the CEO’S personal kitchen. A few days later her CV is accepted, an interview scheduled, and that’s when fate begins to play a huge part in this story. These two people that seem so alike, so diverse, and so quirky, start a low-key relationship that pulls them both into a whirlwind romance with all its ups and downs. Daniel Stark, the CEO, is charming, arrogant and that touch of irony sums up his personality to perfection. Haley’s character is on par with his, but she’s more inquisitive and tolerant. Obviously this cocktail seems to work until a misunderstanding wrenches them apart.

The writer’s ability to describe their persona is incredible! The verbal interaction between the characters is solid, comical and at times, dam right emotional. I felt that I was having that one grande, double shot, extra hot, not too much foam cappuccino with them in Starbucks! The writer conveys all aspects of their attire down to a tee and certainly makes one want to go out and buy a pair of red sneakers!

Hayley’s friends are incredible. Ian is super gay and full of good advice, endearing and just lovely. Tasha is what we would all like to have as a friend and Rob, Tasha’s lover who happens to work for Stark, is a total wet blanket and if I was Stark, I’d sack him! I can’t wait for Layers 2 to see what happens. Ms. Enrlich,…BRAVO!

Saying that, I have absolutely nothing against Fifty Shades of Grey or The Crossfire Series, but this is a love story written with capital letters, commas, fullstops!


How refreshing to read a book of this calibre that doesn’t take the reader straight into the bedroom! The tale of two damaged peoples’ totally different pasts unwinds around the harsh business world of wheelers and dealers, and their mutual respect grows slowly with the help of Jennifer’s childhood friend and confidant, Lisa. An adorable up and coming writer who is always ready to give her friend sound advise. Ms Blackwell guides Jennifer into the cloak-and-dagger world of the rich and privileged with exhilaratingly clipped words and humour. Alex inherited his father’s empire and is very wary regarding the women in his social circles, and is astounded to find a woman, Jennifer, that knows how to say, “NO.” I read book one and two in two days and can’t wait to download book three on 20th September. I highly recommend this book and would like to say to Ms Ross; “Brilliant.”

ATONEMENT (Heart of Stone)

This rollercoaster finale for the Heart of Stone series cannot be read without previously reading the whole series. The places Ms. Sidebottom takes the reader will shock, hurt and scandalize you, make your hair stand up on end, and trigger off one hundred and one sentiments! She has created two damaged soles into two loving and forgiveable characters. She has delved deep into taboo subjects such as drug abuse, violence, prostitution and sexuality so brutally that her characters, Ava and Mason, come alive and survive a turmoil of unimaginable problems. These two adorable people are always supported by loving friends and to put it in a nutshell, a must read. Really well written and light years better than 50 Shade of Grey.  I can’t wait for the 24th December to see how Kane’s story unfolds. Simply bravo señora.